Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On Becoming a Motorcycle Fairy

The next time you get separated from the group you are riding with, have a little fun! Curtis, my husband, and I were left behind at a light on the 2nd annual Hawgs for Hounds run given by the Teller County Animal Rescue. The leader of our group was going at or about the speed limit, so we knew we could catch back up with them fairly quickly. We caught the group and waved as we went by them in Woodland Park and headed down Ute pass in front of them. At the next light, my husband suggested we pull off and hide and then catch up with them again. So, we pulled off at the Manitou exit and did a u-turn back onto the on ramp for Highway 24. I laughed so hard while we waited for them to go by us on the over pass. It was even more fun passing them the second time. They laughed too and called us Motorcycle Fairies. They changed Curtis’ nickname from Blinky to Tinkerbelle. I told some other friends about his new nickname at a recent meeting of Women on Wheels and suggested they shorten it to The Tinks, but they seemed to like Blinky better…and how did he get the nickname Blinky? Well, that is another story.

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